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Have you ever wondered what the best way to prepare your family for a disaster or an emergency is?  Have you ever considered how much food you would need to have stored for your family?  Well, please know that you are not alone.

Legacy Food StorageFor years, we at Free Legacy Food felt the same way.  As parents with children of our own, we decided that something needed to be done to simplify this process and help others be prepared for whatever may come.  As we researched and tried to find the best solutions, we ended up with Legacy Premium Food Storage.

Legacy Premium, simply put, is the best value in food storage. Produced by the same people who created Bear Creek and Sawyer’s Premium soup and chili mixes, it combines the best ingredients with the best freeze dry and dehydrating processes to create superior tastes unmatched in the industry.  Instead of the traditional round tin can, Legacy is stored in 6 serving Mylar pouches, and then stored in durable, stackable plastic buckets for added shelf life and smarter storage.

Legacy Food Storage Family

Legacy provides more variety by offering side dishes, drink mixes, and freeze dried meats, in addition to having more meal choices in each package. And to top it off, the prices are the best in the food storage industry.  

And with the lowest cost per meal and cost per calorie, Legacy Premium cannot be beat. 

Come and experience the Legacy difference.  Try a sample to taste true gourmet food storage and help us accomplish our mission – to help people improve their personal security and be prepared to help others in the face of emergency or disaster.


The Free Legacy Food Team